Brodie (kadorite) wrote,

Doin' the happy dance, Doin' the happy dance!

We've got the apartment!!! Well, we're 90% there. We didn't even need our payslips or bank account details (hard to do cause we're completely broke and it's all the storage shed - $30 cab ride away). The property agent just took our security deposit and photocopied our ID's. The landlord has moved out and once he does the condition inspection we're pretty much sweet to move in. Jules' Mum is putting the last $500 on his account today so we have bond ready. It hurts having 3 grand on us and not even being able to afford food til Thursday.

We're down to coins and my $13 Coles card which will be spent on tobacco anyway. We'll just have to keep raiding Nutella sandwiches from the pub's breakfast room. I'm so glad we're getting out of this damn pub and into our own place. Can't wait to get the big screen and PSP outta storage.

I'm in such a good mood, even though I did get slightly lost in Potts Point this morning looking for the real estate. Hope work is good night, I'm on close shift. Weekday closes are good though, usually home by 12:30.

♥ BrodeStar.
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