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Life is looking up.

Just thought I'd let everyone in LJ land know, I'm loving life at the moment.

Going to Melbourne in a few weeks to celebrate my brother's 18th birthday then off to Broome in September for Jules' Mum & Stepdad wedding (finally, after 13 yrs and 2 kids!) and a much needed holiday out bush. Meeting alot more of his family from Germany will be fun I guess.. He'll have to translate alot as most of his older relatives speak little English. We really need to save some money because we've only got enough for 1 flight so far. It's cheaper to go to Bali, Fiji, Vanautu or New Zealand than Western Australia. WHAT THE FUCK?!

With our Bondi venue opening next week I should be able to score some Sunday shifts. Bring on the $45 per hour breakfast shifts!!!!
Work is finally looking up. I'm enjoying waitressing alot more lately, being out of the bar is refreshing and challenging. I've started my cert 4 through work and usually a management position follows. Sure enough, we've lost alot of staff lately due to work holiday visas expiring and even Terri (manager for almost 3 years) has decided to pack up and move to Queensland!

I'm trying to negotiate a part time position, sort of jack of all cards style. Being able to do bar/wait/supervisors duties at my own and other venues. I want to learn more of the admin style of things too and hopefully by holding off on signing a management contract I can try to lean more towards a head office admin based role or Assistant training manager for new staff at different venues.

In bad news, the pub around the corner of my flat, that I got to every night to get 1 or 2 beers to take home has brought in a new rule of no glass after midnight. Which is fucked, because usually I get there before the bottle shop closes at midnight but if I don't I can buy a bottle and sneak it out the door and round the corner to my house. Literally metres walk. So they forced me to carry home a plastic cup with beer in it. Disgraceful and Un-Australian I say!!

Phew. To top it all off, Jules tore a ligument in his ankle a week ago at work and still can't walk properly. Poor thing has been going crazy confined in the apartment hobbling around. It's a terrible bruise and still swollen. His bosses are looking after him though, full pay for as long as he needs. It happened as he finished work, walking down the slippery scaffolding.. after 3 floors.. on THE LAST STEP!!! His workmate basically had to carry him to the medical centre, he'd been carrying a 15kg toolbox + his body weight (about 120kgs). Ouch. He's never used crutches before, HAHA! He gave up and resorted to hopping around.

♥ BrodeStar.
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