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Friends Only.


Comment if you want to read my journal.
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-=Raises hand=-

I read, and would like to continue.
Please. =]
*pick me pick me*
Me tae, please? -puts on puppy-dog face-
can i stay ?
I'd like to stay
argh! me stay??
I would like to remain on your list as I like to keep
tabs on all my friends....*laughs*

No, it's actually coz your my ex that I like to keep

*sigh* Fine, the truth. I like ya and still consider
ya a friend even though we barely ever talk...Can
I stay, pretty please?
I'm in.
do i need to?
may keep it safe, and keep you from harm,
but does locking it away keep you warm,
like the rays from the sun above....
or even when you are in love
Hey there, I saw your new application in takeahit_ community & noticed you're from Melbourne too :)
Would you mind if i added you?
Hey :)
Spoke to you on MSN and discussed then about adding each other, just thought I'd drop by and remind you. If you don't want to add me back just say so and I'll remove you.
Thanks :)
saw you on takeahit, and i love george. with a passion. friend me, maybe?
Knock Knock, graffiti as an interest? I've added you, come over and say hello!
I`m definetily staying <3
Hey it`s Lucidic_Faerie
New LJ name.
I`d like to keep reading
Expresses an intrest to remain...friends

not that i have been writing much.
Hey! Uuummmm........ saw you in takeahit_ and thought you seemed kewl, plus you're a fellow Aussie and you've quoted George in your LJ.

Hope you don't mind that I added you.
Add me back? :o)
i can't believe i'm doing this, but add me to the list, no not that list, the friends list
I respect you, and your decision to quit takeahit_, and do whatever you need to do for yourself. It shows strength of character, and I respect that. Mind if I add you?
I added a comment.
hey there.
tis nicole (from myspace&msn).
add me? :D
Hey. I found you in the Melbournemaniacs comm. (:
I live Maribyrnong/Footscray. Hahar. Add back?
Your Melbournemaniacs posts caught my eye - and your list of interests is eclectic enough that I can't say no.
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