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Friends Only.


Comment if you want to read my journal.
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i wanna read your journal cos it looks interesting
& i like your interests! =]

You posted in my journal to help me with job hunting & i like your interests. Therefore you are awesome and i'm friending you.
added you, add me back?
Hey there :) I got your message on my lj,
Yes you are right in saying that I made a postin melbournemaniac the other day about trying to find asian girls for a makeup assessment.. :)
I deleted the post after I thought it was too late to get anyone, unfortunately there weren't any replies.
Aside from that, definitely, I'd be happy to do some makeup for you :) I dont expect much cash, I'm not that demanding, so that shouldn't be a problem.
Prints sounds like a great idea, I'm looking to build a folio :)
hi! you seem very familiar...? maybe ive just seen ur comments alot...anyway ive added you, hope you dont mind...
xox frankiexlove
Hey u Tristan here add me :)
Hey girl! It's Hannah here from venom_lily's party add me coz ur fun
hi hi i found ur journal by seaching 4 chopper read, and i think u sound interesting...
add me please *fingers crossed*
add me plllllleeeease!
We spoke a few times ages ago (and I sent you a long message - aka catullus)... when you were going through all sorts of shit. Haven't looked at your journal for ages and ages and was really stoked to see you're doing so well. Don't really know how this all works, but yeah, I'd like to keep reading - or chatting at some stage (if you wanna chat, get on to me at
Any way, keep on keeping on you rockstar...
Yeh thats me.

Oh wait like add me or something or u will never swim in my pool.
Hey my names lia

i found you from ozdrugs
and think you seem pretty rad ;)

please add me

Ahh, young women who dig big drains (spesh Melb drains) are wonderful.
I saw you comment on Alex's lj, well, I see you comment tons. I opened your profile and BAM! you have my colorbar. :D That is sweet.
it said to comment so i am.
very interesting
consider yourself commented.
Figured this might be an interesting 'break-from-the-norm' journal, so I'm adding you. :)
I would like to read your journal. Your journal.......completes me.
If I act like Tom Cruise can I be added?

Your Journal... nah, only Tom can pull that off

Anyway, add me lol
i love the pic :) add me plz im sure we can have some gun lol
Okay, not only do you live in Melbourne (where I'll be living from January onwards) and not only do you list things like shotguns and graffiti as your interests (both kinda bizarre but intriguing) but to top it all off, you have urbandead listed as your website. All this adds up to me asking to be added :)
Came across your profile through a Cave Clan interest search. Currently in Perth and missing the drains of Melbourne! If you would like to add me that would be nice :-)

add me?

Deleted comment

Ey, can I join your cult?
wow, you like draining and you think dumpster diving is cool =)?
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